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One Nation, Overweight: America's Obesity Epidemic

Nearly two-thirds of American adults are overweight, and the rate of childhood obesity has tripled from a generation ago. It all amounts to a public health crisis—one that feeds a $60 billion industry spanning fad diets, medicines, reality TV shows, and more. This CNBC Original documentary reports on the war on fat as it unfolds in the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, and the realms of pop culture and personal health. With intimate profiles of Americans struggling to overcome obesity, some of whom have resorted to surgery, the program takes viewers inside the world of high-stakes drug research and behind the scenes at a weight-loss boot camp called The Biggest Loser Resort. Also explored: the crushing burden obesity has placed on the nation’s health care system and a belief growing in the medical community that America’s youngest citizens may have shorter life spans than their parents did. (44 minutes)

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America's Obesity Epidemic
This introduction familiarizes viewers with the upcoming video of obesity in America