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Engine Performance ASE Certification Series

Fixing a car’s engine is like being a cardiologist—you’re working with the most vital part of the vehicle and every decision requires fine-tuned know-how. With this three-part series on engine performance and repair, technicians-in-training develop the aptitude they’ll need to succeed on the ASE A8 test while building hands-on skills that will enable them to diagnose and solve a range of engine problems. Videos are broken down into self-contained segments, each of which focuses on specific areas of ASE-related proficiency, and presented by two high-energy, ASE-certified instructors who make parts identification and maintenance lessons easy to follow. Demonstrations are performed in a full-service shop on a range of automobiles, while no-fluff graphics, on-screen quizzes, and plenty of upbeat reminders about professional integrity round out this must-have instructional resource. Correlates to ASE and NATEF standards. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide including ASE/NATEF task correlation checklists is available online. A Shopware Production. 3-part series, 25–34 minutes each.

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Engine Diagnosis
Expert automotive technicians outline the contents of this ASE certification video for engine diagnosis and the tools they will use.