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Obesity in America: A National Crisis

Why have rates of obesity, morbid obesity, and super obesity increased so dramatically since 2000? Backed up by meticulous research, this two-part set is a provocative, thorough investigation into the upsurge of obesity in America. The first chapter, Prevalence, documents the rapid rise of serious weight issues in all age groups since the 1970s and the cost to the health care system of treating the diseases that result. Contributing factors such as depression, social trends, and aggressive food marketing are covered in detail in Causes—with special attention to soft drinks and sweeteners of all kinds. Assessment explains body mass index, or BMI, and other methods used to evaluate unhealthy levels of body fat. Finally, Treatment discusses the limitations of dieting and includes exercise tips for those who don’t lose weight despite frequent trips to the gym. With graphs, discussion questions, and commentary from researchers, clinicians, and dieters, the set is ideal for classroom use. 2-part set, 76 and 79 minutes each. 

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Chapter 1: The Prevalence of Obesity
Figures from 1999-2004 show 67% of adults are overweight and obese. In the mid-1980s, overweight and obesity began to grow at an alarming rate. Overweight and obesity in children has reached worrisome levels.