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Product Design, Testing, and Modification

Trunki is a popular children’s ride-on suitcase—its brightly colored, rounded surfaces appeal to toddlers and parents alike. But when its designer appeared on a British TV show featuring the product, its towing strap broke, sending Trunki into another round of modification. This program explains how a product became a worldwide success through following three important principles of good merchandise design: its construction was based on testing feedback and modifications, it conforms to legal safety standards, and its designer was knowledgeable about manufacturing options. Viewers see injection and rotational molding machines at work, and a product inspector demonstrates how Trunki was tested for safety hazards. Part of the series So You Want to Be a Designer. (25 minutes) 

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Concept & Approach
Trunki, a popular children’s ride-on suitcase, relies on market research, legal standards, and production techniques. Viewers see injection and rotational molding machines. Ergonomics, anthropometrics, and safety affect the design of Trunki.