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Choosing Sustainable Materials

This program profiles CO2 Zero, an eco-friendly housing development in the UK, focusing on its use of recycled plastics and FSC-certified wood. The architect built with renewable and reclaimed resources, and took into account how all parts of the houses would be disposed of at end-of-life, thus minimizing the carbon footprint of this unique living space. Although the countertops are made from nonrenewable plastic, that plastic was created from salvaged material—melted-down LEGO toys. The video also documents modern timber production, with a representative from England’s historic Forest of Dean explaining how clear cutting can be part of sustainable management, when conducted properly. Part of the series So You Want to Be a Designer? (25 minutes)

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Recycled Materials
The, an eco-friendly housing development in the UK, focuses on the use of recycled plastics and sustainable materials. The director of Smile Plastics explains how he makes plastic test sheets from recycled materials.