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Sustainable Packaging

A container should protect a product, attract customers, and be relatively cheap to produce. And, it should satisfy consumer demand for goods that do not contribute to the billions of tons of waste produced every year. This program shows how designers are meeting all of these goals by reducing packaging, choosing more recycled materials, and sometimes completely rethinking a product’s design. A thermoforming specialist demonstrates that changing the shape of a take-out box reduces its carbon footprint, and the 6 R’s of sustainable packaging are used to create eco-friendly wrap for Cadbury Easter Eggs. The video includes a tour of a recycling facility to see how bottles are sorted, cleaned, and extruded into pellets to make new packaging. Part of the series So You Want to Be a Designer? (25 minutes)

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Why Package?
An expert discusses the Six Rs...Recycling, Re-using, Reducing, Re-thinking, Refusing, and Repairing. The UK government raised taxes to reduce the waste going to landfills. An expert explains her company's "Plan A" implemented to reduce waste.