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The Hidden Epidemic: Post-Concussion Syndrome

It leads to anxiety, personality changes, substance abuse, and suicidal depression. Considering the symptoms, it’s easy to see how PCS, or post-concussion syndrome, could be the most underdiagnosed condition affecting young people today. Athletes in high-impact sports are the most at risk, but which other groups are vulnerable? What actions should be taken when the disorder is suspected? How can PCS be better addressed by medical and mental health professionals? This program explores all of those questions and more, with help from professional athletes like Johnny Damon and Matt Hasselbeck, well-known psychiatrist and brain specialist Daniel Amen, and an in-depth dramatized case study. (40 minutes)

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Tragedy of Post-Concussion Syndrome
It is believed that 90% of all concussions are undiagnosed. Each day thousands of young lives are damaged forever by head injuries. This is the tragedy of post concussion syndrome.