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Personal Finance Essentials: Financial Literacy for Young Earners

Loaded with savvy tips and real-life scenarios, this comprehensive five-part series prepares students to become responsible managers of their personal finances. Each program tackles a specific topic—budgeting, banking, credit, investing, and taxes—and breaks it down into segments that can be used as separate teaching tools or remain as part of a complete lesson. With bright, clever graphics to clarify difficult concepts, decision-making pointers, and commentary from financial and accounting experts, the series educates viewers about the concepts and terminology vital to their financial literacy. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. A Meridian Production. 5-part series, 32–38 minutes each.

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Decision-Making Methods
Before making a purchase, consumers should ask themselves whether they need it or want it. Viewers learn a 5-step decision-making process called PACED, and a 3-pronged process called PMI.