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Pardon My Postpartum: The Depression You're Not Supposed to Have

With an edgy visual style that reflects the emotional roller coaster many new mothers experience, this program transcends misconceptions about postpartum depression and the initial months of parenthood. Viewers gain insight into a condition that frequently affects mothers with no prior history of mental or mood disorder issues, who are often left isolated, misunderstood, and untreated. In candid interviews as well as dramatized blog entries, women and men from around the world speak out with rage, uncertainty, and even levity on sleep deprivation, the difficulties of breast-feeding, medication challenges, and more. Expert commentators include Dr. Lori Ross, a research scientist at the University of Toronto–affiliated Women’s College Hospital Research Institute, and Karen Liberman, executive director of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. (48 minutes)

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Introduction to Postpartum
Several women briefly discuss their experiences with postpartum depression and the stigma that attempts to separate "them from us." In actuality this is an equally opportunity disorder than can affect any woman.