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Doing The Job: Basic Job Skills

An employee’s best qualities may have little to do with technical or clerical issues. Often, it is a professional attitude that makes a worker valuable—an array of personal strengths that enable her or him to accomplish goals, get along with colleagues, and rise through the ranks. This video brings those all-too-elusive aspects of job success into focus, exploring professional behavior, ethics, communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, organization, and information management. Discussions focus on collaboration, taking initiative, and office etiquette; the hazards of procrastination, dishonesty, and unethical actions; the ability to take and give constructive criticism; the four C’s of good writing (be clear, concise, compelling, and correct); effective uses for technology in completing projects and presenting work; and much more. A Cambridge Educational Production. Part of the series Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right. (30 minutes)

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Basic Job Skills
Many basic job skills involve people skills and personal qualities that enable a person to fit in, get along with co-workers, and do well in the process. These skills are important to getting and keeping a job.