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Show Me the Money! Breaking In to the Roofing Industry

Shot on location at jobsites and training centers and incorporating down-to-earth interviews with apprentices and journeymen, this video illustrates the opportunities, challenges, and rewards associated with professional roofing. Instructors and managers who want to interest smart, ambitious young people in the trade will find an excellent visual tool here. Following a handful of potential new hires, the film provides overviews of the levels of training commonly required of a licensed roofer—from basic classroom sessions to in-depth instruction in blueprints, specialized materials, and exam preparation. Safety, diversity, pay scales, career options, and the importance of a work ethic are all discussed at length. Produced in Canada. (20 minutes)

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What Is a Typical Roofer?
In the past, the roofing business was associated with men just released from prison, drug addicts, and other poorly trained men. Today, roofing is a certified trade with very few "fly-by-nighters" in the trade.