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STIs: Facts and Fiction

It’s a disturbing reality: the decision about whether or not to become sexually active is now often made in high school or even earlier. Unfortunately, it often occurs without a clear understanding of the health threats involved. This program takes a detailed look at sexually transmitted infections, commonly known as STIs, focusing on facts and myths, common symptoms, informed decision making, counseling and support, medical treatment, and protection. Topics also include the differences between STDs and STIs, important steps to take if an STI is contracted or suspected, reducing the likelihood of long-term health damage, and preventing passage of an infection to someone else. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (21 minutes)

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Introduction to STIs: Facts and Fiction
Sexual decision-making needs to be taken seriously by teens. This video will focus on facts and myths; decisions and seeking help; symptoms and consequences; and treatment and prevention.