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Oops, Wrong Planet: Understanding Asperger's Syndrome

Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart, van Gogh—all displayed symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. But not every person with Asperger’s is a genius. This program follows a self-described eccentric who, after discovering he matches up with the general Asperger’s profile, sets out on a quest to learn all he can about the disorder—and whether he truly does have it. Along the way, he speaks with author Michael Fitzgerald, Professor Temple Grandin, Professor Alan Snyder, Wired magazine’s Steve Silberman, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, and a number of children and adults with AS about topics ranging from Asperger’s traits, to possible causes of the condition, to “Geek Syndrome” and the AQ Test. A warm and understanding look into the very different world of autism spectrum disorders.

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Am I an "Aspie?"
The subject of the film takes a newspaper quiz to determine whether he, along with many talented well-known people, has Asperger's Syndrome