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The Job Seeker: Interview Dos and Don'ts with Sue Morem

As a nationally known career expert, Sue Morem understands what it takes to stand out from a crowd of would-be employees! Whether your students are looking for their first job or their next job, The Job Seeker will give them a definite edge in a very tight employment market. Over the course of the video, several college students take part in rigorous mock interviews so viewers can learn from what they’re doing right—and wrong. What trips them up? Tightly focused post-interview critiques, combined with general tips on interview preparation and follow-up, will help students make their pitch with poise and self-confidence when it’s their turn to sit in the job seeker’s hot seat.

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Meet the Job Seekers
Five soon to be college graduates talk about how they prepare for job interviews. Informational interviews are a great way to get information about an industry.