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Listening Essentials

Highlighting the idea that a major part of good communication is good listening, this program enables students to improve their listening skills and absorb valuable information. The video identifies the best methods for giving coworkers the attention they deserve and provides eight simple tips that viewers can use to sharpen concentration. These include learning to focus, taking proper notes, putting emotions on hold, avoiding biases and stereotypes, finding a point of interest in a dull but important conversation, and more. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Coproduction of Films for the Humanities & Sciences and MotionMasters. Part of the series Communication Essentials. (22 minutes)

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Importance of Listening
Listening is a vital skill that must be employed in school, at work, and in one's personal life. In sports, not listening to a coach could result in injury. Lag time between speaking and listening can cause boredom.