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Cybercrime: World Wide War 3.0

The tools required to fight Internet-based offenses must constantly evolve and adapt. Unfortunately, so do the criminals. This program examines several forms of cybercrime and their impact on law enforcement, national security, the corporate world, and society at large. Taking a global approach, the film presents interviews with American and European experts on cyberterrorism, identity theft, child pornography, and other disturbing crimes. Frank Cilluffo, director of The George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute, focuses on the terrorism issue, while case studies shed light on recent high-tech assaults originating in Russia and China. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 55 minutes)

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War in Cyberspace
Many acts of future wars and terrorism will take place inside cyberspace. The Internet has made the knowledge base both accessible and vulnerable. Foreign espionage, corporate espionage, and domestic terrorism navigate in cyberspace.