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Introducing Tobacco: Risks, Laws, and Habits

It leads to bad breath, yellow teeth, and black lungs—so why is smoking such a popular pastime? What enables the tobacco companies to snare young consumers so effectively? How do advertising, Hollywood imagery, and peer pressure fit into the equation? This program explores the cold, hard facts about cigarette smoking, including legal issues surrounding it and the impact it can have on both users and non-users. Tobacco and addiction experts share their knowledge with viewers regarding short- and long-term health effects. Also included are revealing insights from Australia’s battle against the tobacco scourge and a dramatized story of a young girl who loses her father to lung cancer, due to smoking. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (22 minutes)

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Risk-Taking Behavior and Drugs
With high-level risk-taking, negative consequences are more likely to occur than with low risk-taking behavior. Young people discuss the social appeal of smoking. Drugs are classified as depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens.