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Quality Control in Food Technology

Although it is a crucial aspect of modern food technology, quality control may also be the biggest challenge for any food-producing company. This program identifies quality standards that exist in various parts of the world, explores ways of measuring and monitoring quality, and looks at who is responsible for QC within a large food manufacturer. Students are introduced to HACCP and GMP systems for assuring quality and safety in food, and manufacturer recalls are discussed. Experts share their knowledge about packaging labels, explaining what they communicate and what they don’t, while halal, kosher, and other cultural certification systems are also featured. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (25 minutes)

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Quality Control in Food Industry
In the food industry, quality is defined as the maintenance or improvement of the key components of a product. Color, flavor, and texture are part of the foods quality. Food quality is managed from raw material to the consumer's table.