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First Impressions: Winning Over Your Boss and Coworkers

Every boss has unique expectations and every company has its own procedures and work environment. How can a new hire sort it all out? This program explores the crucial skills every new employee should develop in order to become a valued part of the team. Topics include logistical issues like punctuality and planning the best route to work as well as proper dress, orientation and training, asking questions, active listening, and how to deal with difficult coworkers or supervisors. Real-world advice comes from James Masini, a young Australian business owner whose company specializes in helping entry-level workers. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (19 minutes)

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Preparation for First Day of Work
First impressions count. Research the company and plan routes to work. Aim to arrive early and be well presented. Have a positive attitude and show interest. Do not be afraid to ask questions or for help.