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The All-American Drug: Heroin in Suburbia and the Heartland

Once confined to the inner city, heroin addiction is on the rise in suburban and rural communities. This ABC News program shows how a growing number of teens and young adults are getting hooked on heroin through gateway drugs like OxyContin. After a suburban father describes the prescription drug habit and heroin overdose that took his daughter’s life, a young mother in rural Ohio explains how she began that same perilous journey and can’t quit. In addition to commentary from other teens and parents, the program includes expertise from Brian Crowell, a drug enforcement agent, and Joseph Califano, chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. Includes graphic scenes of heroin injection. Original ABC News broadcast titles: Heroin in Suburbia and Heroin in the Heartland. (18 minutes)

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Teen Death from Heroin Overdose
Teens get nearly half of their drugs from some one's medicine cabinet. Vicodin is like heroin in a pill. Teens go from pills to heroin because it is so high grade that it can be snorted. A teenager dies from a heroin overdose.