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The Age of Stress: Children Under Pressure

What are the consequences of bullying, high-stakes testing, homework overload, and family turmoil? Do these experiences prepare kids for an uncertain life ahead or are they too much, too young? This program explores what happens under the stressful conditions that children often face at home and school. Tracking a group of 25 eight-year-olds, the program follows young subjects through academic, domestic, and medical challenges. Featured children include Rebecca, who struggles to match her brother’s scholarly abilities; Taliesin, an easy prey for bullies; Rubin, a talented boy in economically perilous circumstances; and Eve, whose father is recovering from surgery and whose mother now faces a serious health crisis. A BBC/Open University Co-production. Original broadcast title: The Age of Stress. Part of the series Child of Our Time 2008. (60 minutes)

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Sibling Rivalry: Source of Stress
Does a level of stress prepare children for the adult world? A younger sister who is bright is nevertheless threatened by her older brother's even greater intelligence.