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Opposing Aggression and Bullying

Initiate lectures and class dialogue with this cluster of ABC News segments on violence, aggressive behavior, and crime. In each scenario, actors draw unassuming spectators into tense and often disturbing situations—with a broad spectrum of results. Scenes include intense verbal bullying by three teen girls against one in a very public setting; a racially loaded incident in which three teenagers vandalize an automobile in broad daylight; the theft of a wallet in a crowded restaurant while some onlookers apparently couldn’t care less; and an occurrence of the shocking nationwide phenomenon known as bum-bashing, in which a homeless person is attacked for no apparent reason. Each scene is designed to provoke both introspection and group debate. (38 minutes)

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When Girls Bully Girls
In a simulation, teen girls bully another girl. Some people walk by and some intervene. Women predominantly reprimand the bullies, while most men pass by. Many women identify with their own earlier experiences with bullying.