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Anger: Myths and Truths about the Emotion

Is venting one’s rage really healthy? Do age, gender, and self-image have any connection with anger problems? Has our society become inherently angry? This ABC News program explores the psychology and sociology behind the most dangerous of emotions. Viewers will meet Dr. Robert Millman, a Weill Cornell Medical College professor who has coined the term acquired situational narcissism to explain connections between volatile tempers and towering egos. The University of Michigan’s Dr. Brad Bushman provides further connections between narcissism, aggression, and America’s youth, while “angry comedian” Lewis Black points out the seeds of fury in everyday realities, from waiting in line to political disagreements. (30 minutes)

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Anger Myth No. 1: Venting Anger Is Healthy
Many people feel that venting their anger is healthy. An experts explains why this is a dangerous myth about anger. Holding anger in is also a health risk.