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The Addictive Personality

Does addiction have a genetic factor? Can any type of addiction be treated medically? What steps can family members take to help a loved one struggling with addiction? This program provides answers to several addiction-related questions, focusing on the complexities of the addictive personality. Viewers will benefit from a case study featuring a patient with a serious gambling addiction, and from a genetics-oriented discussion inspired by two sisters with addictive personalities. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Michael Fingerhood of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who works with alcohol and drug abusers, and Terrence Shulman, founder of the Shulman Center for Shopping and Shoplifting Addiction Treatment. (25 minutes)

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Pathological Gambling
Pathological gamblers continue to engage in gambling despite that gambling causes adverse, long-lasting problems in their lives. Gambling addiction has biological, psychological, and social components. Genetics plays a large role, too.