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Resumes: A How-To Guide

Jeff wants to work in the information technology field. Cindy dreams of being a gourmet chef. Over the course of this program, these students learn how to write functional, chronological, combination, and newsletter-style resumes using information on their skills and experience that they identify through two exercises: Personal Inventory (to capture the “what”) and Showing Your COLORS (to uncover the “how”). Ways to get a resume in front of a decision maker’s eyes are also addressed, and insightful snippets of commentary by a career counselor and an HR professional are interspersed throughout. Engaging and informative, Resumes: A How-To Guide is an excellent introduction to resume writing for students with little or no job experience. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (35 minutes)

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Resume Writing: Personal Inventory
A resume is a snapshot of life experiences, work history, accomplishments, and skills related to a particular job. An essential element of preparation is the personal inventory. A student gets coaching to develop his work history section of his inventory.