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Electric Generators

This program looks at physics principles behind AC and DC generators. The relationship between a changing magnetic field and the induction of electric current is examined. A hand rule is introduced to predict the generator effect in a linear length of conductor exposed to a changing magnetic field. The behavior of a rotating coil in a magnetic field leads to the practical construction of an AC motor. Split-ring commutator generators are introduced, as well as the more common alternator as a means of generating DC electricity. Specific modules include Generating Electricity, Inductors, Generator Left-Hand Rule, Generator Electromotive Rule, AC Generators, and DC Generators. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. (20 minutes)

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Generation of Electricity
A steady electric current generates a magnetic field around a wire. A wire wound into a coil strengthens the magnet force. Faraday's experiment with the electromagnet is illustrated and explained.