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Tools of the Trade: Inside the Electrician’s Toolbox

After a general introduction of electricity—electrons, current, kilowatts, and the journey of electrical power from utility company to home—this program examines the work materials and tools commonly used by an electrician. Wires, cables, conduits, boxes, receptacles, and switches are illustrated, and the tools required to cut and run cable or conduit, detect and test voltage, and wire or connect fixtures are shown in action. Wiring diagrams and blueprints are also considered, and safety is stressed throughout. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A Shopware Production. (26 minutes)

Recommended for high school, vocational/technical school, and adult education.

Correlates to the National Standards for Basic Electrical from the National Center for Construction Education and Research and the core standards, objectives, and indicators of SkillsUSA.

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Measuring Electricity
At the heart of any electrical system is electricity itself--the movement of electrons. Units of electrical power are watts, or the product of volts multiplied by amps. Electrical measure in kilowatt-hours.