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Let's Talk About It: Domestic Violence—in English with Spanish Subtitles

Xiomara Fuentes, Amandeep Kaur, and Nneka—three wives beaten and humiliated by their husbands—are the subjects of Let’s Talk About It, which gives a voice and a face to a spreading epidemic of spousal abuse. This program puts video cameras into the hands of these women’s children who then interview their mothers about why they endured—and how they survived—such physical and emotional injury. The questions they ask, framed with a poignant blend of candor and naiveté, leave no room for equivocation. A compelling and purposeful call to action produced by acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta, Let’s Talk About It is a journey into the secret and dangerous world of domestic violence, no more powerfully illustrated than through the eyes of the children. (English with Spanish subtitles, 51 minutes)

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Domestic Violence: What Happens
A 10-year-old daughter interviews her mother on video tape about the violence and abuse she suffered from her husband.