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On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

The importance of guidance programs for prisoners can't be overstressed—they help society as well as the individual reentering it. Following young people who have been discharged from Rikers Island Academy, this program focuses on the payoffs that come from educational and counseling services for those behind bars. A lively peer-to-peer class setting is featured, while the process of court-ordered drug-testing is illustrated in detail by a visit to an ex-offender's home—highlighting a central concern of many young people trying to find meaning and success on the outside. A wealth of insight is also provided on the advantages gained from structured vocational and recreational programs. Follows educational and program recommendations provided by the National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Correlates to prevention principles for the National Institute on Drug Prevention.

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In-House Educational Programs for Incarcerated Youth
Reentry programs for incarcerated youth are their best and only chances to stay out of prison once released. Almost no released teens return to high school, thus the in-house education program is essential.