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Going Home: Teens Reentering Society

All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but teenagers face their own specific set of challenges after doing time. This two-part series shows how that adjustment process often plays out and how its hardships can be minimized. Filmed in large part at the Rikers Island Academy, a GED-level school that has helped turn hundreds of inmates’ lives around, the series covers the major sources of conflict that young people will encounter when reentering society. Addressing the day-to-day challenges of newfound, uncertain freedom, these programs illustrate how a support system can be built with the help of family, peers, caseworkers, and even correctional staff. A Cambridge Educational Production. 2-part series, 21 and 23 minutes each.

Follows educational and program recommendations provided by the National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice.

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Literacy Improvement in Juvenile Prisons
Effective reentry programs begin when a young person is first incarcerated. Riker's Island in NYC offers a multi-part discharge initiative that includes education. Most juvenile offenders did not attend school on the outside.