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Meridian Allied Health Series II

While it is growing by leaps and bounds, the health care labor market is also extremely competitive, even for entry-level and support positions. This series equips students with vital knowledge about three jobs that are not only lucrative and satisfying occupations but also solid first rungs on the professional ladder. Each episode covers what a particular job requires, who it would likely appeal to, and what it offers in terms of salary, long-term career prospects, and personal rewards. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides containing additional material—including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts—are available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 22–23 minutes each.

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Health Care Industry: Job Opportunities
One of the fastest growing industries, health care will provide close to five million jobs within the coming decade. Physician assistant job opportunities will be abundant.