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HVAC Basics

Success in the HVAC industry means learning the wide variety of tools, equipment, and materials that experienced repair and maintenance people deal with every day. Featuring crystal clear live-action demonstrations and easy-to-understand animation, this two-part series provides students with thorough, up-to-date knowledge of HVAC technology. Important safety tips round out the nuts-and-bolts explanations of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A Shopware Production. 2-part series, 21–24 minutes each.

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Heating Systems: Overview
Modern heating systems provide a proficient and trouble-free means of keeping a house warm. The variety of systems available includes gas, oil, electric, and solar power. Unskilled people should never attempt to repair a heating system.