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Taking a no-nonsense, peer-based approach, this three-part series raises teen awareness of the threats that Internet users face. Personal, financial, and career-related risks become clear through conversations with young people and interviews with computer experts—including Ron Teixeira, Executive Director of the National Cyber Safety Association; Dean Daley, an experienced computer systems analyst; and Marsali Hancock of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. Students will gain a solid understanding of best practices and rules of online conduct, so that they can navigate potential Internet perils before trouble occurs. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National ISTE Technology Foundation Standards for Students. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 14–21 minutes each.

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Online Social Networking Puts Teens at Risk
Teenagers are exposed to threats in cyberspace, particularly through social networking websites. Cyber safety includes personal safety, information safety, situational safety, and privacy issues. Teens feel safe because they think they are anonymous.