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Spotlight on Careers in Science

Section one of this program introduces viewers to Donna Shirley, who tells the story of how a small-town girl with a keen interest in flying made a remarkable career for herself at NASA, where she has been Project Engineer for the Cassini mission to Saturn and head of the Mars Exploration Program. Section two puts Ira Mellman under the microscope—a music major who ended up with degrees in cell biology and human genetics and has gone on to become vice president of Oncology at Genentech and Sterling Professor of Cell Biology and Immunology at Yale University. Part of the series The Road to Success: Stories of Career Satisfaction in Popular Fields. (19 minutes)

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Donna Shirley: Following a Passion
When she was a kid in the 1950s, Donna Shirley read science fiction and wanted to fly. She studied aeronautical engineering, went to work for NASA, and became manager of a project whose mission was to design and build a robot to explore Mars.