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Spotlight on Careers in Education

Gaston Caperton overcame dyslexia to become the governor of West Virginia and president of the College Board—provider of the SAT, AP exams, and CLEP tests. In section one of this program, Caperton explains how his struggle with dyslexia fueled his dedication to the promotion of education. In section two, Virginia Jose, an art educator at South Bronx Preparatory School and a practicing professional artist, discusses what teaching means to her. She also shares why art is so important to her—a message she also strives to communicate to her more than 120 students each week. Part of the series The Road to Success: Stories of Career Satisfaction in Popular Fields. (17 minutes)

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Virginia Jose: A Unique Approach
Virginia Jose teaches art and art history at South Bronx Preparatory School in New York and is herself a practicing artist. Her approach to teaching keeps students actively involved in creating art.