We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking

What causes smoking’s deadly allure? Is there a surefire method for breaking free of it? This program examines humanity’s love affair with cigarettes, traveling around the globe to interview doctors and counselors dedicated to fighting nicotine addiction…as well as a few individuals who defiantly promote the habit. Artist and passionate smoker David Hockney, cold turkey guru Allen Carr, nicotine patch inventor Dr. Jed Rose, and Dr. Jeffrey Wigand—the tobacco whistleblower who inspired the movie The Insider—are some of the interviewees. The program also features commentary from Dr. Linda Ferry, who discovered that the antidepressant Zyban can reduce nicotine cravings. Original BBCW broadcast title: We Love Cigarettes. (50 minutes)

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The Cigarette Dilemma
With the discovery of the Americas came the discovery of tobacco and its steady rise in popularity and use around the world. Now, many scientists, governments, and campaigners across the western world seek to eliminate cigarettes.