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Fear of Fat: Eight Stories of Eating and Weight

What is it like to eat around the clock? At 457 pounds, Wally knows. And Tammy, at 67 pounds, has experienced both anorexia and bulimia—at the same time. This haunting program introduces eight ordinary people who tell, in a chillingly matter-of-fact way, about their life-scarring—and even severely life-threatening—experiences with body weight and self-image. Bouts with eating disorders are described in detail, as well as deep feelings of hurt, anger, alienation, and utter hopelessness. Fear of Fat provides penetrating insights into society’s unhealthy focus on thinness and the toll in mental and physical suffering that such cultural fixation exacts. (60 minutes)

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Fat: Lifelong Story
Abi’s battle with her weight is a lifelong struggle. She endured the teasing and rejection by friends and family.