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Parole: Getting Out and Staying Out

Prison life is hard—but for most ex-convicts, life on the outside is tough, too. This video follows paroled prisoners as they re-enter civilian life and face challenges both large and small. Upon release from jail, the lives of these young men are suddenly filled with critical decisions. Some are dreaded, such as the split-second choice of whether or not to engage in violence—the wrong choice will put them back behind bars. Other dilemmas are unexpected, like having to decide what to wear every morning. The program provides an eye-opening look at the typical parolee’s struggle to find work, stay away from drugs and former friends, and maintain a positive attitude about the future. (16 minutes)

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Prison and Repeat Offenders
Despite the harsh reality of prison life, many inmates become institutionalized losing the capacity to live outside. Inmates receive education to help them adjust to life after parole but many return to prison.