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Homeless: A Teen Perspective

Filthy clothes, needle marks, panhandling…is this an accurate picture of teenage homelessness? Going behind common stereotypes, this video tells human stories about human beings—most of them young people who know homelessness firsthand. Amber and Tieshi describe the harsh reality of life on the street, clearly demonstrating the same needs, fears, and hopes that all teens have. Andy explains what it’s like to live in a car and why homeless teens should never give up or lose hope. Cindy and others describe the effects of homelessness on families, while Liz Murray describes her personal journey from homeless teen to Harvard student and New York Times journalist. (16 minutes)

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Experiences of Homeless Teens
Teens talk about their experiences with homelessness, living out of a car, sharing one room in a neighbor's house, being separated from other family members, and not having enough food to eat.