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Hooked: America on Meth

A rising number of American children under the age of 18 are experimenting with methamphetamines. In Montana, meth addiction has become the No. 1 drug problem. This ABC News program reports on the Montana Meth Project, an organization undertaking an aggressive plan to “unsell” meth—with an ad campaign designed to frighten Montana’s youth into avoiding the drug. Highlighting the campaign’s gritty imagery and language involving prison, rape, and prostitution, the report includes information on the project’s financing, how the ads play out in Montana’s teen demographic, and the need for long-term antidrug programs. (11 minutes)

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Meth Epidemic
Twelve million Americans have tried methamphetamine. Teens tell how they became hooked and describe the rapid path of addiction, pain, loss, and death. The state of Montana is fighting back against the methamphetamine epidemic.