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Meridian Allied Health Series

Health care is among the fastest-growing areas of employment in America—and while the opportunities are great, there is also plenty of job competition. This three-part series provides much-needed information for high school and vocational college students who are interested in assistant-level medical careers. It features an overview of the health care field as well as detailed guidance concerning three specific jobs: medical assistant, health information management technician, and physical therapy assistant. Each episode covers what a particular job requires, who it would likely appeal to, and what it offers in terms of salary, long-term career prospects, and personal rewards. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides containing additional material—including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts—are available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 20-24 minutes each.

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Demand for Medical Assistants
Healthcare is one of America's fastest growing industries; there are many benefits in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. The fastest growing occupation within the healthcare industry is that of certified medical assistant.