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Careers in the Earth Sciences

Flying into the eye of a storm, camping at the base of an active volcano, traveling backwards in time—students might think these adventures happen only in action movies. This video shows that they also take place in the lives of Earth scientists—those frequently daring researchers and theorists who study the past, present, and future of our planet and environment. Venturing into the realms of land, sea, and air, the program presents detailed portraits of a number of intrepid scientific explorers: a marine seismologist, a volcanologist, a meteorologist, a landscape ecologist, and an environmental health scientist. A Cambridge Educational Production. Recommended for grades 6-12. (27 minutes)

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Earth Sciences Opportunities
Earth scientists sometimes perform daring and adventurous work to better understand how the planet works. They build on foundations of geology, math, physics, and chemistry to explore the makeup and behavior of Earth's land, water, and air.