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Careers in the Life Sciences

The next leader in the fight against cancer may be sitting in third-period Biology right now—but what will inspire his or her first steps into medicine? This video illustrates the awesome potential of a career in the life sciences, guiding students through fields that offer nearly unlimited possibilities for discovery. From the microscopic world of DNA, to the dazzlingly complex behavior of ants, to the mysteries of human physiology, the program explores the accomplishments of several life science trailblazers. A geneticist, a molecular biologist, a neuroscientist, and an entomologist are featured, as well as a venture capitalist who oversees pioneering pharmaceutical research. A Cambridge Educational Production. Recommended for grades 6-12. (26 minutes)

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Life Sciences Opportunities
Careers in the life sciences offer opportunities to do meaningful work and can lead to travel, adventure, and excitement. Curiosity about living organisms is a prerequisite for a successful career in the life sciences.