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Integrating ESL Students into the Classroom

By viewing Integrating ESL Students, classroom teachers of any subject will come away with concrete information and advice that they can use to teach—and reach—their English-language learners (ELLs) better. Practicality and relevance guide the program as it reviews basic ESL standards and strategies, gives examples of how to incorporate these techniques into teaching various subject areas, suggests ways to assist ELLs in mastering English in social and community settings, and addresses the use of technology in helping ELLs improve their understanding and expand their knowledge. Multiply the power of this program! Workshop it with the viewable/printable facilitator’s workbook available online. It contains suggested topics for discussion, exercises for participants to practice skills or explore ideas on their own, and more. Award-winning psychologist Kenneth Shore, Ph.D.—an author of six books on students’ special needs and a recognized advocate of inclusiveness in the classroom—consulted in the making of this program. Recommended for teachers, student teachers, and education students. Correlates to national standards from the Center for Applied Linguistics and TESOL. A viewable/printable facilitator’s workbook is available online.

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English Language Learners (ELLs) in America's Schools
TESOL identifies three primary goals for the 4 million ELLs in American schools: communication in social settings, academic achievement, and English usage in culturally appropriate ways.