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Information Literacy: The Perils of Online Research

In a world of information overload, information literacy has become a survival skill. But what exactly does information literacy mean? With a focus on the Internet, this video explains how to conduct solid online research by collecting information in an organized, efficient, and ethical way. Professor Maurita Holland of the University of Michigan School of Information provides expert commentary and guidance on a range of research activities, including evaluating the credibility of Web content, documenting online sources, and paraphrasing—not copying—the words of others. Additionally, a high school teacher and a graduate student demonstrate real-world examples to reinforce the challenges and rewards of online research. The consequences of plagiarism and shaky facts are emphasized. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (21 minutes)

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Information Literacy Defined
Being information literate means knowing how to retrieve information and being able to use that information effectively, legally, and ethically. This skill can help a person conduct school, workplace, or personal research.