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Hybrid Auto Repair Series

A new generation of automotive technicians is emerging, made up of men and women with solid training in hybrid technology. Give your students a chance to be part of this technological revolution. This three-part series provides a thorough grounding in hybrid technologies, focusing on building both system knowledge and safety awareness. In addition to outlining the history and growth of electric, hydrogen, diesel, and other alternative propulsion systems, the series explores major hybrid components and details the safety challenges that these complex mechanisms present to technicians. Job seekers who are looking to set themselves apart from the average automotive trainee will find the ideal learning resource in this series. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. A Shopware Production. 3-part series, 15–18 minutes each.

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Hybrid Vehicle Basics
Hybrid vehicles use a combination of at least two different fuel sources for power. Hybrid cars deliver superior fuel efficiency by using an electric motor at slower speeds and switching to a gasoline engine when speed increases.