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The Doctor and the Reverend

Car thief, heroin addict, drug dealer—how can a person escape a life like that? This ABC News program examines the life-changing friendship between Merrill “The Doctor” Jackson and Rev. Joann Muller—the first, a criminal from the streets of Philadelphia; the second, a Christian minister determined to change him. Using intimate interviews and footage of crime-infested neighborhoods, the video describes the process through which Jackson realized his future was up to him. Revelations from both interviewees, brought out by challenging questions from host Ted Koppel, guide viewers through the nightmare and rewards of drug recovery. (22 minutes)

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Faith-Based Mission to Help Addicts
Joann Muller gets “up close and personal" with the worst addict/dealer in a drug neighborhood. Her faith draws her to crack houses and shooting galleries where she makes a positive difference in the lives of drug addicts.