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Juvenile Correction Facilities

No one yearns to experience the inside of a prison—but to understand the American criminal justice system and those who enter it at an early age, spending a couple of nights behind bars yields powerful results. This ABC News program is the product of unprecedented access to Arizona’s juvenile correction facilities, documenting six months in the lives of inmates between 12 and 17 years old. Although the settings can be violent, the young interviewees display remarkable honesty, resilience, and hope for the future, reminding viewers that even in “juvie,” opportunities for learning and self-discovery are still available. (39 minutes)

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Juvenile Offenders: A History of Violence, Crime, Drugs and Abuse
U.S. correction facilities currently house 100,000 juveniles. The average stay is at least six months, but for many juveniles, this neither their first nor last stay. A history of violence and crime may stem from parental abuse or neglect.