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Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness

For decades, heavy marijuana use has been linked to impaired judgment and mental ability. This program explores new research into another link—this time between marijuana and mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis. Citing a wealth of clinical evidence and observations by neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, the program delves into the frightening effects of THC on young brains: psychotic delusions and behavior that may not appear until years after drug abuse has ended. With pot addiction beginning at increasingly young ages around the world, this program is essential viewing in any antidrug education campaign. (46 minutes)

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Increasing Evidence that Marijuana is not Harmless
One in ten Australians smoke marijuana regularly and ten percent of those become addicted. There is new evidence that links marijuana to mental illness, especially with those who start smoking in early adolescence.