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Basic Driving Tactics

Can you operate 3,000 pounds of heavy machinery powered by continuous explosions? You must be able to, if you want to drive a car. NASCAR star David Reutimann explains the basics of automobile control in this video, guiding students from their first time behind the wheel to the essentials of driving and parking on public streets. Highlighting mental as well as physical preparation, the program covers starting up, accelerating, braking, shifting, steering, turning, and all the steps that go into safely handling a vehicle. Students will also learn the fundamental rules of the road, including how to read signs, signals, and surface markings. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National Health Education Standards: Achieving Health Literacy; Joint Committee for National School Health Education and the American Cancer Society; and National Educational Technology Standards. A Meridian Production. (21 minutes)

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Freedom and Responsibility
Along with freedom mobility and independence, driving gives us responsibility--not just for our own lives, but also for the lives of others.